A government committee established to help the private sector thrive.

Today, the government of Saudi Arabia has brought together over 20 government entities to work together towards the singular mission of enabling and growing the private sector. Tayseer is tasked with continuously improving the way business is conducted in the Kingdom, in an effort to create a conducive, mature and stable environment for doing business. Upon realizing the positive reforms in Saudi Arabia, your business can easily grow faster than ever before.

Business Made Easy.

Business Made Better.


Our Mission

With more than 20 government entities represented, Tayseer’s sole purpose is to support the private sector in the KSA to achieve the following goals.


Enforce high orders and directives to improve the business climate for the private sector.

Work efficiently and centrally together, to implement reforms and address misalignment between government entities, which could affect the business environment.


Increase the efficiency of government services.

Enhance the business environment on all fronts, whether they be legislative, procedural, or organizational.


Improve the efficacy of communication with the private sector.

Remove obstacles that are faced by businesses and involve the private sector in the decision making process through effective participation and representation in relevant committees and teams.


Elevate the Kingdom’s position in important international rankings.

Improve the competitiveness of the Kingdom to be amongst the top 10 competitive countries by 2030.

Improved Financial Protection

Today we support local and foreign minority investors.
So that they can grow big as well.

The Kingdom is focusing on fostering a vibrant environment for businesses of all sizes, and a series of reforms related to financial protection and access to credit, have been enacted or are in the final stages of enactment.

  • Better protection and financial supervision for minority investors, namely around transparency, direct liability, and ownership & control
  • New commercial pledge laws for further access to credit for SMEs in addition to large companies.
  • New bankruptcy law for greater flexibility and protection
  • Improved government procurement processes
  • Allocation of a percentage of government contracts exclusively to SMEs

Transparent Legislation

Today we discuss policies with you.
So that your business can benefit from them.

Everyone should feel at ease when doing business in Saudi Arabia. That’s why we have introduced reforms aimed at making legislation more transparent.

  • All laws and regulations can be found online in a single repository
  • Involve the private sector in formulating business policies
  • All contracts in engineering, operations and maintenance will be translated into English and French

Easing Business Procedures

Today we issue business licenses instantly.
So that you can get your business up and running.

If you are ready, so are we. By making it easier to get your business off the ground, we set you on the path of success.

  • Instant municipal licenses for 200 business activities
  • Issuing building permits in Riyadh within 15 days
  • The first unified procedural and licensing manual for commercial activities
  • The number of procedures to start a business have been reduced from 12 to 4

Responsive Business Centers

Today we answer your questions and hear suggestions online.
So that we integrate them in our next reforms.

The Meras business center, available online and physically in Riyadh, is your go-to place for licenses, inquiries, concerns and more.

  • Launching Meras, our unified online platform for business services.
  • Facilitate starting and running a business for the most common services in one place.
  • Services include issuance of the commercial record, issuing the subscription in Authority of Zakat and Tax, issuance the registration certificate in the chambers of commerce and opening a file in the Ministry of Labor and the General Organization for Social Insurance.

Trade Across Borders

Today we clear most cargo in 24 hours.
So that it’s smooth sailing from there on.

The world is getting smaller, and you need to move quicker. So we have drastically simplified the procedures when trading across borders.

  • Most inbound cargo containers are cleared within 24 hours
  • Reduced documents for imports from 12 to 4 and for exports from 9 to 3
  • Improved regulations for importing chemicals and chemical products, as well as created an online platform for advanced approvals on chemical imports

Quick Visas

Today we issue visas in 24 hours.
So that you can get to where you have to be, faster.

To make it easier to conduct your business, we now issue business visas faster than ever before.

  • Issuing business visas in 24 hours
  • Providing visas for General Managers before issuing company registrations
  • Dedicated immigration lanes for businessmen at international airports

Alternative Dispute Resolutions

Today we resolve business disputes amicably.
So that you can focus on what matters.

Disagreements happen. To avoid excessive law suits, we have introduced an alternative to lengthy litigation.

  • Launching the Saudi Center for Commercial Arbitration in Riyadh which is an alternative to litigation, in order to avoid business law suits

Automated Legal System

Today we have taken the judicial process online.
So that everything is at your fingertips.

To save you both time and energy, we have moved the entire judicial process online and made it fully automated.

  • Created a dedicated platform for initial law suits to be filed electronically
  • The first session will be held within 20 days
  • Adjournments are capped to a maximum of 3 in commercial law suits

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